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CMOS Quad Differential Line Receivers



The DS26C32A is a quad differential line receiver designed to meet the RS-422, RS-423, and Federal Standards 1020 and 1030 for balanced and unbalanced digital data transmission, while retaining the low power characteristics of CMOS.

The DS26C32A has an input sensitivity of 200 mV over the common mode input voltage range of ±7V. The DS26C32A features internal pull-up and pull-down resistors which prevent output oscillation on unused channels.

The DS26C32A provides an enable and disable function common to all four receivers, and features TRI-STATE outputs with 6 mA source and sink capability. This product is pin compatible with the DS26LS32A and the AM26LS32.


  • CMOS Design for Low Power
  • ±0.2V Sensitivity Over Input Common Mode Voltage Range
  • Input Fail-Safe Circuitry
  • Inputs Won't Load Line When VCC = 0V
  • Meets the Requirements of EIA Standard RS-422
  • TRI-STATE Outputs for Connection to System Buses

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Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
-55 to 125    
CDIP | 16
CFP | 16
LCCC | 20