Low Power FPD-Link (LVDS) Serializer - DS90C185


Low Power FPD-Link (LVDS) Serializer


Recommended alternative parts

  • DS90C187  -  1.8V RGB to dual openLDI (LVDS) bridge/ serializer
  • DS90C387  -  3.3V RGB to dual openLDI (LVDS) bridge/ serializer


The DS90C185 is a low-power serializer for portable battery-powered applications that reduces the size of the RGB interface between the host GPU and the display.

24-bit RGB plus three video control signals are serialized and translated to LVDS-compatible levels and sent as a 4 data + clock (4D+C) reduced-width LVDS compatible interface. The LVDS Interface is compatible with FPD-Link (1) deserializers and many LVDS based displays. These interfaces are commonly supported in LCD modules with “LVDS” or FPD-Link / FlatLink single-pixel input interfaces.

Displays up to 1400x1050 at 60 fps are supported with 24-bpp color depth. 18 bpp may also be supported by a dedicated mode with a 3D+C output. Power dissipation is minimized by the full LVCMOS design and 1.8-V powered core and VDDIO rails.

The DS90C185 is offered in the small 48-pin WQFN package and features single 1.8-V supply operation for minimum power dissipation (50 mW typ).


  • Typical power 50 mW at 75-MHz pclk
  • Drives up to 1400x1050 at 60-Hz (SXGA+) Displays
  • 2.94 Gbps of throughput
  • Two operating modes: 24-bit and 18-bit RGB
  • 25- to 105-MHz Pixel Clock support
  • Single 1.8-V Supply
  • Sleep Mode
  • Spread Spectrum Clock compatibility
  • Small 6mm x 6mm x 0.8mm WQFN package

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Parametrics Compare all products in FlatLink/FPD-Link (LVDS for LCD)

Number of Parallel Inputs
Data Throughput (Mb/s)
Serial Data Transmitter Channels
Type of Line Circuit
Driver (RL) (Ohms)
Supply Voltage(s) (V)
PLL Frequency (MHz)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
DS90C185 DS90C383B DS90C385A DS90CF383B
28    28    28    28   
2940    1820    2450    1820   
4    4    4    4   
100    100    100    100   
1.8    3.3    3.3    3.3   
25 - 105    20 - 65    20 - 87.5    20 - 65   
-10 to 70    -10 to 70    -10 to 70    -10 to 70   
48WQFN    56TSSOP    56TSSOP    56TSSOP   
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