Low Power FPD-Link (LVDS) Serializer - DS90C185


Low Power FPD-Link (LVDS) Serializer


Recommended alternative parts

  • DS90C187  -  1.8V RGB to dual openLDI (LVDS) bridge/ serializer
  • DS90C387  -  3.3V RGB to dual openLDI (LVDS) bridge/ serializer


The DS90C185 is a low-power serializer for portable battery-powered applications that reduces the size of the RGB interface between the host GPU and the display.

24-bit RGB plus three video control signals are serialized and translated to LVDS-compatible levels and sent as a 4 data + clock (4D+C) reduced-width LVDS compatible interface. The LVDS Interface is compatible with FPD-Link (1) deserializers and many LVDS based displays. These interfaces are commonly supported in LCD modules with “LVDS” or FPD-Link / FlatLink single-pixel input interfaces.

Displays up to 1400x1050 at 60 fps are supported with 24-bpp color depth. 18 bpp may also be supported by a dedicated mode with a 3D+C output. Power dissipation is minimized by the full LVCMOS design and 1.8-V powered core and VDDIO rails.

The DS90C185 is offered in the small 48-pin WQFN package and features single 1.8-V supply operation for minimum power dissipation (50 mW typ).


  • Typical power 50 mW at 75-MHz pclk
  • Drives up to 1400x1050 at 60-Hz (SXGA+) Displays
  • 2.94 Gbps of throughput
  • Two operating modes: 24-bit and 18-bit RGB
  • 25- to 105-MHz Pixel Clock support
  • Single 1.8-V Supply
  • Sleep Mode
  • Spread Spectrum Clock compatibility
  • Small 6mm x 6mm x 0.8mm WQFN package

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Number of Parallel Inputs
Data Throughput (Mb/s)
Serial Data Transmitter Channels
Type of Line Circuit
Driver (RL) (Ohms)
Supply Voltage(s) (V)
PLL Frequency (MHz)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Approx. Price (US$)
DS90C185 DS90C383B DS90C385A DS90CF383B
28     28     28     28    
2940     1820     2450     1820    
4     4     4     4    
LVDS     LVDS     LVDS     LVDS    
100     100     100     100    
1.8     3.3     3.3     3.3    
25 - 105     20 - 65     20 - 87.5     20 - 65    
-10 to 70     -10 to 70     -10 to 70     -10 to 70    
48WQFN     56TSSOP     56TSSOP     56TSSOP    
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