4-Ch, 16-bit, capacitance to digital converter with active shield driver

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* Datasheet FDC1004 4-Channel Capacitance-to-Digital Converter for Capacitive Sensing Solutions datasheet (Rev. B) Apr. 09, 2015
Application notes Common Inductive and Capacitive Sensing Applications Jan. 09, 2020
Application notes How to Calibrate FDC1004 for Liquid Level Sensing Applications Oct. 24, 2016
User guides FDC1004 User's Guide (Rev. C) Oct. 20, 2016
Technical articles Capacitive sensing: simple algorithm for proximity sensing Nov. 23, 2015
Technical articles SigCon Architect: The keys to your high-speed design Oct. 27, 2015
Technical articles Capacitive sensing: which architecture should you choose? Oct. 20, 2015
Software Capacitive Sensing Sample Code (Energia) v1.1 (Rev. A) Sep. 15, 2015
Application notes Capacitive Sensing: Direct vs Remote Liquid Level Sensing Performance Analysis (Rev. A) Jul. 24, 2015
Technical articles What are you sensing? A novel approach for capacitive-based liquid-level sensing Jun. 25, 2015
Application notes Liquid Level Sensing with the Immersive Straw Approach Jun. 19, 2015
Application notes Capacitive Proximity Sensing Using the FDC1004 (Rev. A) Apr. 26, 2015
Application notes Capacitive Sensing: Ins and Outs of Active Shielding (Rev. A) Feb. 12, 2015
Application notes Capacitive Sensing: Out-of-Phase Liquid Level Technique Jan. 27, 2015
Application notes FDC1004: Basics of Capacitive Sensing and Applications Dec. 12, 2014
User guides FDC1004 GUI User's Guide Jun. 27, 2014