-4 to 80V, bi-directional, ultra-precise current sense amplifier w/ enhanced pwm rejection

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* Datasheet INA240 High- and Low-Side, Bidirectional, Zero-Drift, Current-Sense Amplifier With Enhanced PWM Rejection datasheet (Rev. B) Feb. 13, 2018
More literature Simplifying Current Sensing (Rev. A) Jan. 09, 2020
Technical articles How current sensors help monitor and protect the world’s wireless infrastructure Dec. 30, 2019
Technical articles Current-sensing dynamics in automotive solenoids Nov. 01, 2019
Application notes Current Sensing Applications in Communication Infrastructure Equipment Sep. 19, 2019
Application notes Bidirectional current sensing with a window comparator circuit Sep. 16, 2019
Application notes Dual-Axis Motor Control Using FCL and SFRA On a Single C2000™ MCU Aug. 07, 2019
Application notes High-side, bidirectional current-sensing circuit with transient protection (Rev. A) Feb. 19, 2019
Application notes Precision current measurements on high-voltage power-supply rails (Rev. C) Feb. 19, 2019
Technical articles Anything but discrete: How to simplify 48-V to 60-V DC-fed three-phase inverter design Feb. 01, 2019
Technical articles A key to accurate system thermal management: monitoring both current flow and temperature Oct. 04, 2018
Application notes Power-Saving Topologies for TI Current Shunt Monitors (Rev. A) Aug. 01, 2018
Application notes Current Measurements in Power Supplies (Rev. A) Jul. 20, 2018
Application notes Current Mode Control in Switching Power Supplies (Rev. A) Jul. 20, 2018
Application notes Current Sensing in an H-Bridge (Rev. A) Jul. 20, 2018
Application notes High-Side Drive, High-Side Solenoid Monitor With PWM Rejection (Rev. B) Jul. 20, 2018
Application notes Low-Drift, Precision, In-Line Motor Current Measurements With PWM Rejection (Rev. B) Jul. 20, 2018
Selection guides Current Sense Amplifiers (Rev. D) Apr. 04, 2018
Application notes Dual Motor Ctl Using FCL and Perf Analysis Using SFRA on TMS320F28379D LaunchPad (Rev. A) Mar. 20, 2018
Application notes Performance Analysis of Fast Current Loop (FCL) in Servo Mar. 06, 2018
Application notes Current Sense Amplifiers in Class-D Audio Subsystems Dec. 27, 2017
Application notes Low Temperature Drift Integrated Shunt vs Active Temp Compensation of Shunt Dec. 27, 2017
Application notes High-current battery monitor circuit: 0–10A, 0-10kHz, 18 bit Dec. 22, 2017
Application notes Low-Drift, Low-Side Current Measurements for Three-Phase Systems (Rev. B) Sep. 05, 2017
User guides INA240 EVM User's Guide (Rev. A) Jul. 17, 2017
Application notes Extending Common-Mode Range of Current-Sense Amplifiers Jul. 06, 2017
Application notes Benefits of Intergated Low Inductive Shunt for PWM Applications Jun. 17, 2017
Application notes Current Sensing in a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) May 03, 2017
Application notes Precision LED Brightness and Color Mixing With Discrete Current Sense Amplifiers Feb. 28, 2017
Application notes High-Side Motor Current Monitoring for Over-Current Protection (Rev. A) Dec. 01, 2016
White papers Making factories smarter, more productive through predictive maintenance Nov. 02, 2016
Application notes Current Sensing for Inline Motor-Control Applications Oct. 20, 2016