26V, triple channel, 13-bit, i2c output current/voltage monitor w/alerts

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* Datasheet INA3221 Triple-Channel, High-Side Measurement, Shunt and Bus Voltage Monitor with I2C- and SMBUS-Compatible Interface datasheet (Rev. B) Mar. 22, 2016
More literature Simplifying Current Sensing (Rev. A) Jan. 09, 2020
Application notes Current Sensing Applications in Communication Infrastructure Equipment Sep. 19, 2019
Technical articles A key to accurate system thermal management: monitoring both current flow and temperature Oct. 04, 2018
Selection guides Current Sense Amplifiers (Rev. D) Apr. 04, 2018
Technical articles Five benefits of enhanced PWM rejection for in-line motor control Nov. 07, 2016
Technical articles Precision current measurement enhances electronic power-steering systems Sep. 19, 2016
Technical articles Why should you care about overcurrent protection in your system? Jun. 16, 2016
Application notes Understanding the I2C Bus Jun. 30, 2015
Software INA3221EVM Source Code Apr. 24, 2012
Software INA3221EVM User Software Apr. 24, 2012
User guides INA3221EVM Evaluation Board and Software Tutorial Apr. 23, 2012