Differentially Compensated and Highly Accurate Inductive Switch

Differentially Compensated and Highly Accurate Inductive Switch - LDC0851

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LDC0851 IBIS Model IBIS Model ZIP 29 KB 06 Jan 2016 0 views

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LDC0851EVM - High Accuracy Inductive Switch with Stacked Coils Evaluation Module LDC0851EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards

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Case Tamper Detection Reference Design Using Inductive Sensing

The physical case surrounding a smart meter is the first line of defense against tampering. Smart meter designs must incorporate some way to detect when the meter case is opened in order to alert service providers to a possible tamper attack.  This reference design implements a new method for (...)

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Inductive Sensing Design Calculator Tool (Rev. E)  (ZIP 3713 KB )    13 Aug 2018  

Design with LDC0851

 Coil Designer  On/ Off Sensing
Use this tool to get started with On/Off sensing designer.
Onn/ Off Sensing
Switching Distance  mm
Closest Target Distance  mm
Max Coil Dia  mm
Supply Voltage  1.8V    3.3V