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LF444-DIE (ACTIVE) Quad Low Power JFET Input Operational Amplifier



The LF444-DIE quad low power operational amplifier provides many of the same AC characteristics as the industry standard LM148 while greatly improving the DC characteristics of the LM148. The amplifier has the same bandwidth, slew rate, and gain as the LM148 and only draws one fourth the supply current of the LM148. In addition the well matched high voltage JFET input devices of the LF444 reduce the input bias and offset currents by a factor of 10,000 over the LM148. The LF444 also has a very low equivalent input noise voltage for a low power amplifier.


  • ¼ Supply Current of a LM148
  • Low Input Bias Current
  • High Gain Bandwidth
  • High Slew Rate
  • Low Noise Voltage for Low Power
  • Low Input Noise Current  
  • High Input Impedance
  • High Gain

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