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LM12458 (ACTIVE)

12-Bit Plus Sign Data Acquisition System with Self-Calibration



The LM12458, and LM12H458 are highly integrated Data Acquisition Systems. Operating on just 5V, they combine a fully-differential self-calibrating (correcting linearity and zero errors) 13-bit (12-bit + sign) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and sample-and-hold (S/H) with extensive analog functions and digital functionality. Up to 32 consecutive conversions, using two's complement format, can be stored in an internal 32-word (16-bit wide) FIFO data buffer. An internal 8-word RAM can store the conversion sequence for up to eight acquisitions through the LM12(H)458's eight-input multiplexer. The obsolete LM12454 has a four-channel multiplexer, a differential multiplexer output, and a differential S/H input. The LM12(H)458 can also operate with 8-bit + sign resolution and in a supervisory "watchdog" mode that compares an input signal against two programmable limits.

Programmable acquisition times and conversion rates are possible through the use of internal clock-driven timers. The reference voltage input can be externally generated for absolute or ratiometric operation or can be derived using the internal 2.5V bandgap reference.

All registers, RAM, and FIFO are directly addressable through the high speed microprocessor interface to either an 8-bit or 16-bit data bus. The LM12(H)458 includes a direct memory access (DMA) interface for high-speed conversion data transfer.

Additional applications information can be found in applications notes AN-906, AN-947 and AN-949.

Key Specifications

(fCLK = 5 MHz; 8 MHz, H)

Resolution12-bit + sign or 8-bit + sign
13-bit conversion time8.8 µs, 5.5 µs (H) (max)
9-bit conversion time4.2 µs, 2.6 µs (H) (max)
13-bit Through-put rate88k samples/s (min),140k samples/s (H) (min)
Comparison time ("watchdog" mode)2.2 µs (max),1.4 µs (H) (max)
ILE±1 LSB (max)
VIN rangeGND to VA+
Power Consumption30 mW, 34 mW (H) (max)
Stand-by mode50 µW (typ)
Single supply3V to 5.5V


  • Three operating modes: 12-bit + sign, 8-bit + sign, and "watchdog"
  • Single-ended or differential inputs
  • Built-in Sample-and-Hold and 2.5V bandgap reference
  • Instruction RAM and event sequencer
  • 8-channel multiplexer
  • 32-word conversion FIFO
  • Programmable acquisition times and conversion rates
  • Self-calibration and diagnostic mode
  • 8- or 16-bit wide data bus microprocessor or DSP interface

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Resolution (Bits)
Sample Rate (Max) (kSPS)
Number of input channels
Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
Approx. price (US$)
Power consumption (Typ) (mW)
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
Input type
Multi-channel configuration
Reference mode
Input range (Max) (V)
Input range (Min) (V)
Analog voltage AVDD (Min) (V)
Analog voltage AVDD (Max) (V)
Digital supply (Min) (V)
Digital supply (Max) (V)
INL (Max) (+/-LSB)
SNR (dB)
THD (Typ) (dB)
LM12458 LM12H458
12     12    
114     182    
8     8    
Parallel     Parallel    
-40 to 85     -40 to 85    
PLCC | 44     PLCC | 44    
12.20 | 1ku     13.70 | 1ku    
30     34    
44PLCC: 307 mm2: 17.53 x 17.53 (PLCC | 44)     44PLCC: 307 mm2: 17.53 x 17.53 (PLCC | 44)    
SAR     SAR    
Multiplexed     Multiplexed    
5.5     5.5    
0     0    
3     3    
5.5     5.5    
3     3    
5.5     5.5    
1     1    
76.9     76.9    
77.5     77.5    
-85.8     -85.8    
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