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Voltage Comparator - LM311-N

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This data sheet applies to both  LM311-N and  LM311-N-MIL


The LM111-N, LM211-N and LM311-N are voltage comparators that have input currents nearly a thousand times lower than devices like the LM106 or LM710. They are also designed to operate over a wider range of supply voltages: from standard ±15V op amp supplies down to the single 5V supply used for IC logic. Their output is compatible with RTL, DTL and TTL as well as MOS circuits. Further, they can drive lamps or relays, switching voltages up to 50V at currents as high as 50 mA.

Both the inputs and the outputs of the LM111-N, LM211-N or the LM311-N can be isolated from system ground, and the output can drive loads referred to ground, the positive supply or the negative supply. Offset balancing and strobe capability are provided and outputs can be wire OR'ed. Although slower than the LM106 and LM710 (200 ns response time vs 40 ns) the devices are also much less prone to spurious oscillations. The LM111-N has the same pin configuration as the LM106 and LM710.

The LM211-N is identical to the LM111-N, except that its performance is specified over a −25°C to +85°C temperature range instead of −55°C to +125°C. The LM311-N has a temperature range of 0°C to +70°C.


  • Operates From Single 5V Supply
  • Input Current: 150 nA Max. Over Temperature
  • Offset Current: 20 nA Max. Over Temperature
  • Differential Input Voltage Range: ±30V
  • Power Consumption: 135 mW at ±15V

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Number of Channels (#)
Output Type
Vs (Min) (V)
Vs (Max) (V)
Propagation Delay Time (uS)
Vos (Offset Voltage @ 25C) (Max) (mV)
Iq per channel (Max) (mA)
Input Bias Current (+/-) (Max) (nA)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Package Group
Package Size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
VICR (Max) (V)
VICR (Min) (V)
LM311-N LM6511 LMH7220
1    1    1   
Open Collector
Open Drain   
Open Collector    LVDS   
5    2.7    2.7   
36    36    12   
0.2    0.18    0.0029   
7.5    5    9.5   
7.5    3.5    10   
250    130    5000   
No    No    No   
Vos Adj Pin   
Vos Adj Pin   
Catalog    Catalog    Catalog   
0 to 70    -40 to 85    -40 to 125   
SOIC    SOT-23-THIN   
See datasheet (PDIP)
8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC)   
8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC)    6SOT-23-THIN: 8 mm2: 2.8 x 2.9(SOT-23-THIN)   
34    34.75    9.8   
0.5    0.5    0.2