Precision, high voltage, floating output comparator

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* Datasheet LM111/LM211/LM311 Voltage Comparator datasheet (Rev. E) Mar. 27, 2013
More literature The Signal e-book: A compendium of blog posts on op amp design topics Mar. 28, 2017
Technical articles What you need to know about using general purpose op amps at low voltage Mar. 21, 2014
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Technical articles Brushless motor control is ready to blast-off! Nov. 07, 2013
Technical articles How analog is enabling the car of the future Oct. 18, 2013
Application notes AN-103 LM340 Series Three Terminal Positive Regulators (Rev. A) May 06, 2013
Application notes AN-288 System-Oriented DC-DC Conversion Techniques (Rev. B) May 06, 2013
Application notes AN-298 Isolation Techniques for Signal Conditioning (Rev. B) May 06, 2013
Application notes Intro MF10 - Versatile Mono Active Filter Building Blk (Rev. C) Apr. 23, 2013
Application notes AN-263 Sine Wave Generation Techniques (Rev. C) Apr. 22, 2013
More literature Die D/S LM311 MDA Voltage Comparator Sep. 20, 2012
Application notes Circuit Techniques for Avoiding Oscillations in Comparator Applications Oct. 02, 2002