(ACTIVE) 3/4 Pin 1.5A Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulator


Functional diagram


The LM317 device is an adjustable three-terminal positive-voltage regulator capable of supplying more than 1.5 A over an output-voltage range of 1.25 V to 37 V. It requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage. The device features a typical line regulation of 0.01% and typical load regulation of 0.1%. It includes current limiting, thermal overload protection, and safe operating area protection. Overload protection remains functional even if the ADJUST terminal is disconnected.


  • Output Voltage Range Adjustable From 1.25 V to 37 V
  • Output Current Greater Than 1.5 A
  • Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Output Safe-Area Compensation


Iout (Max) (A) 1.5   
Output Options Adjustable Output   
Vin (Min) (V) 3   
Vin (Max) (V) 40   
Vout (Min) (V) 1.25   
Vout (Max) (V) 37   
Iq (Typ) (mA) 3.5   
Vdo (Typ) (mV) 2000   
Accuracy (%) 5   
Noise (uVrms) 38   
PSRR @ 100KHz (dB) 38   
Output Capacitor Type Non-Ceramic   
Rating Catalog   
Operating Temperature Range (C) 0 to 125   
Pin/Package 3DDPAK/TO-263^3TO-220^4SOT-223   

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