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5.0V Reference Diode



The LM136-5.0/LM236-5.0/LM336-5.0 integrated circuits are precision 5.0V shunt regulator diodes. These monolithic IC voltage references operate as a low temperature coefficient 5.0V zener with 0.6Ω dynamic impedance. A third terminal on the LM136-5.0 allows the reference voltage and temperature coefficient to be trimmed easily.

The LM136-5.0 series is useful as a precision 5.0V low voltage reference for digital voltmeters, power supplies or op amp circuitry. The 5.0V makes it convenient to obtain a stable reference from low voltage supplies. Further, since the LM136-5.0 operates as a shunt regulator, it can be used as either a positive or negative voltage reference.

The LM136-5.0 is rated for operation over –55°C to +125°C while the LM236-5.0 is rated over a –25°C to +85°C temperature range. The LM336-5.0 is rated for operation over a 0°C to +70°C temperature range. See the connection diagrams for available packages. For applications requiring 2.5V see LM136-2.5.


  • Adjustable 4V to 6V
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Wide operating current of 600 µA to 10 mA
  • 0.6Ω dynamic impedance
  • ± 1% initial tolerance available
  • Guaranteed temperature stability
  • Easily trimmed for minimum temperature drift
  • Fast turn-on
  • Three lead transistor package


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Part number Order Reference voltage VO (V) VO adj (Min) (V) VO adj (Max) (V) Initial accuracy (Max) (%) Temp coeff (Max) (ppm/ degree C) Rating Operating temperature range (C) Iz for regulation (Min) (uA) Iout/Iz (Max) (mA) Package Group
LM336-5.0 Order now Adjustable     5     4     6     1     20     Catalog     -40 to 85
0 to 70    
600     10     SOIC | 8
TO-92 | 3    
LM136-5.0 Samples not available Adjustable     5     4     6     1     20     Catalog     -25 to 85
-40 to 125
-55 to 125    
600     10     TO | 3