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8-Channel WLED Driver with Four Integrated LDOs



The LM3537 is a highly integrated LED driver capable of driving 8 LEDs in parallel for single display backlighting applications. Independent LED control allows for a subset of the main display LEDs to be selected for partial illumination applications.

I2C-compatible control allows full configurability of the backlighting function. The LM3537 provides multi-zone Ambient Light Sensing allowing autonomous backlight intensity control in the event of changing ambient light conditions. A PWM input is also provided to give the user a means to adjust the backlight intensity dynamically based upon the content of the display.

Four integrated LDOs are fully configurable through I2C capable of addressing point-of-load regulation needs for functions such as integrated camera modules. The LDOs can be powered from main battery source, or by a fixed output voltage of an external buck converter (post regulation) leading to higher conversion efficiency.

The LM3537 provides excellent efficiency without the use of an inductor by operating the charge pump in a gain of 3/2 or in Pass Mode. The proper gain for maintaining current regulation is chosen, based on LED forward voltage, so that efficiency is maximized over the input voltage range.

LM3537 is offered in a tiny 30-bump DSBGA package.



  • 8-channel Backlight Capability
  • Internal ALS Engine; PWM Input to Support CABC
  • Built-In Power Supply and Gain Control for Ambient Light Sensor
  • Up to 90% Efficiency
  • Adaptive Charge Pump with 1x and 1.5x Ggains for Maximum Efficiency
  • 128 Dimming Steps for Group A, Exponential or Linear Dimming Selectable by Register Setup
  • 8 Linear Dimming States for Group B
  • LDOs:

  • 4 Programmable LDOs (300 mA/150 mA Output Currents)
  • Default Startup Voltage States
  • Low Dropout Voltage: 100 mV typ. at 150 mA Load Current
  • LDO Input Voltage = 1.8V to VIN_A
  • Overload Protection
  • Combined Common Features:

  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • I2C-Compatible Serial Interface
  • 2 General-Purpose Outputs

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Part number Order Channels (#) Vin (Min) (V) Vin (Max) (V) Vout (Min) (V) Vout (Max) (V) Switching frequency (Max) (kHz) Type LED current per channel (mA) LED (#) Topology Shutdown current (Typ) (uA) Peak efficiency (%) LED configuration Features Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
LM3537 Order now 8     2.7     5.5     2.7     5     1.3     Capacitive     25     8     Boost
1.2     90     Parallel     I2C Control
PWM Control    
-30 to 110     DSBGA | 30     See datasheet (DSBGA)