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LM385-2.5-N (ACTIVE) Micropower Voltage Reference Diode


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The LM185-2.5-N/LM285-2.5-N/LM385-2.5-N are micropower 2-terminal band-gap voltage regulator diodes. Operating over a 20 μA to 20 mA current range, they feature exceptionally low dynamic impedance and good temperature stability. On-chip trimming is used to provide tight voltage tolerance. Since the LM-185-2.5-N band-gap reference uses only transistors and resistors, low noise and good long term stability result.

Careful design of the LM185-2.5-N has made the device exceptionally tolerant of capacitive loading, making it easy to use in almost any reference application. The wide dynamic operating range allows its use with widely varying supplies with excellent regulation.

The extremely low power drain of the LM185-2.5-N makes it useful for micropower circuitry. This voltage reference can be used to make portable meters, regulators or general purpose analog circuitry with battery life approaching shelf life. Further, the wide operating current allows it to replace older references with a tighter tolerance part. For applications requiring 1.2V see LM185-1.2.

The LM185-2.5-N is rated for operation over a −55°C to 125°C temperature range while the LM285-2.5-N is rated −40°C to 85°C and the LM385-2.5-N 0°C to 70°C. The LM185-2.5-N/LM285-2.5-N are available in a hermetic TO package and the LM285-2.5-N/LM385-2.5-N are also available in a low-cost TO-92 molded package, as well as SOIC and SOT-23. The LM185-2.5-N is also available in a hermetic leadless chip carrier package.


  • ±20 mV (±0.8%) max. Initial Tolerance (A Grade)
  • Operating Current of 20 μA to 20 mA
  • 0.6Ω Dynamic Impedance (A Grade)
  • Low Temperature Coefficient
  • Low Voltage Reference—2.5V
  • 1.2V Device and Adjustable Device Also Available—LM185-1.2 Series and LM185 Series, respectively

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Part number Order Reference voltage VO (V) VO adj (Min) (V) VO adj (Max) (V) Initial accuracy (Max) (%) Temp coeff (Max) (ppm/ degree C) Rating Operating temperature range (C) Iz for regulation (Min) (uA) Iout/Iz (Max) (mA) Package Group Iref (uA) I I(dev) (uA)
LM385-2.5-N Order now Fixed     2.5     2.5     2.5     2     150     Catalog     0 to 70     20     20     SOIC | 8
SOT-23 | 3
TO-92 | 3    
LM385-1.2-N Order now Fixed     1.235     1.235     1.235     1
150     Catalog     0 to 70     15     20     SOIC | 8
SOT-23 | 3
TO-92 | 3    
LM385-ADJ Order now Adjustable     1.24     1.24     5.3     1
150     Catalog     0 to 70     10     20     SOIC | 8
TO-92 | 3    
0.016     0.019