Automotive grade 3 rail simple power sequencer with fixed time delay

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* Datasheet LM3880-Q1 Three-Rail Simple Power Sequencer datasheet Nov. 12, 2018
Technical articles The need for sequencing in automotive applications Jan. 30, 2018
Technical articles Powering DDR memory in automotive applications Jun. 22, 2017
Technical articles Sequencing and managing multiple power rails in a system: common questions answered Feb. 01, 2017
Technical articles How to approach a power-supply design – part 1 Dec. 13, 2016
Application notes Power-supply sequencing for FPGAs Oct. 24, 2014
User guides AN-1491 LM3880 Power Sequencer Demo Board (Rev. A) May 07, 2013
Application notes LM1771 and LM3880 Based FPGA Power Supply Reference Design (Rev. A) May 05, 2013
Application notes AN-1603 LM274X Reference Designs (Rev. C) May 01, 2013
Application notes Power Supply Design Considerations for Modern FPGAs (Power Designer 121) Feb. 02, 2010