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±2°C analog output temperature sensor, with 15.6mV/°C gain

±2°C analog output temperature sensor, with 15.6mV/°C gain - LM62


The LM62 is a precision integrated-circuit temperature sensor that can sense a 0°C to +90°C temperature range while operating from a single +3.0V supply. The LM62's output voltage is linearly proportional to Celsius (Centigrade) temperature (+15.6 mV/°C) and has a DC offset of +480 mV. The offset allows reading temperatures down to 0°C without the need for a negative supply. The nominal output voltage of the LM62 ranges from +480 mV to +1884 mV for a 0°C to +90°C temperature range. The LM62 is calibrated to provide accuracies of ±2.0°C at room temperature and +2.5°C/−2.0°C over the full 0°C to +90°C temperature range.

The LM62's linear output, +480 mV offset, and factory calibration simplify external circuitry required in a single supply environment where reading temperatures down to 0°C is required. Because the LM62's quiescent current is less than 130 μA, self-heating is limited to a very low 0.2°C in still air. Shutdown capability for the LM62 is intrinsic because its inherent low power consumption allows it to be powered directly from the output of many logic gates.


  • Calibrated Linear Scale Factor of +15.6 mV/°C
  • Rated for Full 0°C to +90°C Range with 3.0V Supply
  • Suitable for Remote Applications

Key Specifications

  • Accuracy at 25°C ±2.0 or ±3.0°C (max)
  • Temperature Slope +15.6 mV/°C
  • Power Supply Voltage Range +2.7V to +10V
  • Current Drain @ 25°C 130 μA (max)
  • Nonlinearity ±0.8°C (max)
  • Output Impedance 4.7 kΩ (max)

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