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This product has been released to the market and is available for purchase. For some products, newer alternatives may be available.
500 mA 5V Fixed Output Linear Regulator / LDO


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The LM78M05-MIL three-pin positive voltage regulator employs built-in current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe-operating area protection, which makes them virtually immune to damage from output overloads.

With adequate heat sinking, they can deliver in excess of 0.5-A output current. Typical applications would include local (on-card) regulators which can eliminate the noise and degraded performance associated with single-point regulation.


  • Output Current in Excess of 0.5 A
  • No External Components
  • Internal Thermal Overload Protection
  • Internal Short Circuit Current-Limiting
  • Output Transistor Safe-Area Compensation
  • Available in 3-Pin TO-220, TO-252, and TO packages
  • Output Voltage: 5 V

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