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Intelligent Lighting Management Unit That Fuses a 1.2A Dual High-Side Flash LED Drive



The LM8502 is a versatile LED driver suitable for multiple applications. It includes a 2MHz, fixed-frequency synchronous boost converter, 10 current sink LED outputs, 2 outputs for flash or haptic applications, ambient light sensing and PWM input.

The 10 current sink LED outputs offer individual current control through an I2C-compatible interface. Current can be accurately controlled with a full-scale setting and 8-bit current control. The LM8502 also enables LED control with group faders and lighting engines. Group faders enable single I2C register writes for multiple LED outputs with fading, whereas lighting engines with SRAM memory enable engine-driven lighting sequences. Each LED output can be powered either from VOUT or an external voltage supply.

The flash function is capable of driving 2 LEDs, each having 600 mA maximum current, or a single LED up to a 1.2A maximum current. A hardware flash enable provides a direct interface to trigger the flash pulse. Dual TX inputs allow the flash to be synchronized with the RF power system to prevent excessive current draw from the system power supply. The LM8502 also offers LED thermal sensing as a safety procedure for flash and separate indicator LED.

The LM8502 has two inputs for Ambient Light Sensing — together with the PWM input they enable Dynamic Backlight Control. The LM8502 may also be used for haptic motor driving instead of flash. When the device is idle, featured Power-save mode and use of an external clock reduce current consumption significantly.


  • 10 Programmable Low-Side Current Sinks with Flexible Powering from VOUT or External Voltage Source
  • 1.2A Dual Flash LED Driver with Flash, Torch and Voltage modes
  • Ambient Light Sensing Capability with Two Inputs
  • Up to 4000:1 dimming ratio for LED outputs
  • Flash LED Thermal Sensing and Current Scaleback
  • Hardware Flash, Torch Enable and Dual Synchronization Inputs for RF Power Amplifier Pulse Events
  • Haptic Feedback Motor Driver
  • Two Lighting Engines for User-Defined Lighting Sequences with 48 * 16 Bits of SRAM Memory
  • External Clock Pin for Power Save
  • External PWM Control Capability Enabling for Example Dynamic Backlight Control
  • Fast I2C-Compatible Interface
  • General Purpose ADC for Measuring, i.e., LED Output Voltages
  • Ultra-Small Solution Area < 32 mm2
  • 30-Bump (2.42 x 2.77 mm x 0.6 mm) 0.4 Pitch DSBGA Package


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Part number Order Channels (#) LED current per channel (mA) LED configuration LED (#) Program memory Programmable ramp control Vin (Min) (V) Vin (Max) (V) Vout (Min) (V) Vout (Max) (V) Iout (Max) (A) Iq (Typ) (mA) Shutdown current (Typ) (uA) Peak efficiency (%) Features Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
LM8502 Order now 12     25.5     Parallel     12     Yes     Yes     2.7     5.5     2.7     5.7     1.4     0.3     0.3     88     I2C Control     -30 to 85     DSBGA | 30     See datasheet (DSBGA)