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LM95010 (NRND) ±2°C Temperature Sensor with SensorPath Interface



The LM95010 is a digital output temperature sensor that has single-wire interface compatible with the SensorPath interface. It uses a ΔVbe analog temperature sensing technique that generates a differential voltage that is proportional to temperature. This voltage is digitized using a Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital converter. The LM95010 is part of a hardware monitor system, comprised of two parts: the PC System Health Controller (Master), such as a Super I/O, and up to seven slaves of which four can be LM95010s. Using SensorPath, the LM95010 will be controlled by the master and report to the master its own die temperature. SensorPath data is pulse width encoded, thereby allowing the LM95010 to be easily connected to many general purpose micro-controllers.


  • SensorPath Bus
    • 4 Hardware Programmable Addresses
  • Temperature Sensing
    • 0.25 °C Resolution
    • 127.75 °C Maximum Temperature Reading
  • 8-Lead VSSOP Package

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Sensor Accuracy ±2°C (max)
  • Temperature Range −20 to +125°C
  • Power Supply Voltage +3.0 to +3.6 V
  • Power Supply Current 0.5 mA (typ)
  • Conversion Time 14 to 1456 ms

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