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Automotive Grade, ±1°C Temperature Sensor with 200°C Capability and SPI Interface



The LM95172EWG is an integrated digital-output temperature sensor with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and MICROWIRE™-compatible interface in a 10-pin Cerpack high temperature ceramic package. It features a very linear Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), high accuracy, fast conversion rates, and extremely low output noise. With an operating temperature as low as -40°C and optimized accuracy from 120°C to 200°C, it is ideal for high-temperature applications.

The over-temperature alarm output (OVERTEMP) asserts when the die temperature exceeds a programmed THIGH limit. The user-programmed TLOW limit creates a temperature-stabilizing hysteresis when the ambient temperature is near the trip point.

The LM95172EWG can be programmed to operate from 13 bits (0.0625°C per LSB) to 16 bits (0.0078125°C per LSB) resolution. The LM95172EWG powers up in 35 ms, the fastest conversion time, with temperature output set at 13-bit resolution. The resolution may then be changed to 14-, 15- or 16-bits. When in the 13-, 14- or 15-bit resolution mode, the least significant bit in the 16-bit temperature register toggles after the completion of each conversion. This bit may be monitored to verify that the conversion is complete.

The high noise immunity of the Serial I/O (SI/O) output makes the LM95172EWG ideal for use in challenging electromagnetic environments.


  • LM95172EWG is AEC-Q100 Grade 0 Qualified and is Manufactured on an Automotive Grade Flow.
  • 13-Bit (0.0625°C LSB) to 16-Bit (0.0078125°C LSB) Temperature Resolution
  • Wide −40°C to +200°C Temperature Range
  • 35 ms Best Conversion Time Tracks Fast Temp Changes
  • OVERTEMP Digital Output Switches
    when TDIE > THIGH
  • Shutdown Mode Saves Power yet Wakes up for One-Shot Temperature Update
  • SPI and MICROWIRE Bus Interface
  • 10-Pin Cerpack High-Temperature Ceramic Package

Key Specifications

  • Analog and Digital Supply Voltage 3.0V to 5.5V
  • Total Supply Current     Operating 400 µA (typ)
    • Shutdown −40°C to +140°C 4 µA (max)
    • Shutdown −40°C to +175°C 12 µA (max)
    • Shutdown −40°C to +200°C 28 µA (max)
  • Temperature Accuracy
    • +175°C to +200°C ±3.0°C (max)
    • +130°C to +160°C ±1.0°C (max)
    • +120°C to +130°C ±2.0°C (max)
    • +160°C to +175°C ±2.0°C (max)
    • −40°C to +120°C ±3.5°C (max)
  • Temperature Resolution
    • 13-bit mode 0.0625°C/LSB
    • 16-bit mode 0.0078125°C/LSB
  • Conversion Time
    • 13-bit mode 43 ms (max)
    • 16-bit mode 350 ms (max)

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