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1.5-V to 10-V switched capacitor voltage converter

1.5-V to 10-V switched capacitor voltage converter - LMC7660

Recommended alternative parts

  • LM2664  -  High Input Voltage And Switching Frequency, Has On/Off Pin
  • LM2665  -  Has On/Off Pin, Improved Input Voltage And Switching Frequency.


The LMC7660 is a CMOS voltage converter capable of converting a positive voltage in the range of +1.5V to +10V to the corresponding negative voltage of −1.5V to −10V. The LMC7660 is a pin-for-pin replacement for the industry-standard 7660. The converter features: operation over full temperature and voltage range without need for an external diode, low quiescent current, and high power efficiency.

The LMC7660 uses its built-in oscillator to switch 4 power MOS switches and charge two inexpensive electrolytic capacitors.


  • Operation Over Full Temperature and Voltage Range without an External Diode
  • Low Supply Current, 200 μA Max
  • Pin-for-pin Replacement for the 7660
  • Wide Operating Range 1.5V to 10V
  • 97% Voltage Conversion Efficiency
  • 95% Power Conversion Efficiency
  • Easy to Use, Only 2 External Components
  • Extended Temperature Range

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