Digital Controlled Graphic Equalizer


The LMC835 is a monolithic, digitally-controlled graphic equalizer CMOS LSI for Hi-Fi audio. The LMC835 consists of a Logic section and a Signal Path section made of analog switches and thin-film silicon-chromium resistor networks. The LMC835 is used with external resonator circuits to make a stereo equalizer with seven bands, ±12 dB or ±6 dB gain range and 25 steps each. Only three digital inputs are needed to control the equalization. The LMC835 makes it easy to build a µP-controlled equalizer.

The signal path is designed for very low noise and distortion, resulting in very high performance, compatible with PCM audio.


  • No volume controls required
  • Three-wire interface
  • 14 bands, 25 steps each
  • ±12 dB or ±6 dB gain ranges
  • Low noise and distortion
  • TTL, CMOS logic compatible

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  • Hi-Fi equalizer
  • Receiver
  • Car stereo
  • Musical instrument
  • Tape equalization
  • Mixer
  • Volume controller

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