Ultra-low Distortion, Ultra-low Noise Operational Amplifier - LME49990


Ultra-low Distortion, Ultra-low Noise Operational Amplifier



The LME49990 is part of the ultra-low distortion, low noise, high slew rate operational amplifier series optimized and fully specified for high performance, high fidelity applications. The LME49990 combines low voltage noise density (0.9nV/√Hz) with vanishing low THD+N (0.00001%). The LME49990 has a high slew rate of ±22V/μs and an output current capability of ±27mA. It drives 600Ω loads to within 2V of either power supply voltage.

The LME49990’s outstanding Gain (135dB), CMRR (137dB), PSRR (144dB), and VOS (130μV) give the amplifier excellent operational amplifier DC performance. The LME49990 has a wide supply range of ±5V to ±18V. The LME49990 is unity gain stable and is available in an 8-lead narrow body SOIC and VQFN.


  • Easily Drives 600Ω Load
  • Output Short Circuit Protection

Key Specifications

  • Input Noise Density (f = 1kHz)
    • 0.9 nV/√Hz (typ)
    • 1.3 nV/√Hz (max)
  • THD+N
    • (AV = 1, VOUT = 3VRMS, fIN = 1kHz)
      RL = 600Ω: 0.00001 %
  • 1/f Corner Frequency: 43 Hz (typ)
  • Slew Rate: ±22 V/μs (max)
  • Gain Bandwidth
    • (AV = 104, RL = 2kΩ, f = 90kHz)
      110 MHz (typ)
  • PSRR: 144 dB (typ)
  • CMRR: 137 dB (typ)
  • Power Supply Voltage Range: ±5V to ±18 V

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  • The Exposed Pad (DAP) of Unit Should NOT be Grounded. It is Internally Connected to VEE.

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WEBENCH® Designer LME49990

Amplifier Topology
Desired Power Supply Voltage
Positive Supply (Vcc):  V
Negative Supply (Vee):  V
Allowed Power Supply(Vcc-Vee) = 10.0 to 36.0 V
Desired Input and Output Requirements
  Min Max
Vin  V  V
Vout  V  V
Minimum Temperature = -40.0 °C
Maximum Temperature = 85.0 °C