LMH0307 (ACTIVE) 3 Gbps HD/SD SDI Dual Output Cable Driver with Cable Detect


Design kits & evaluation modules (1)

Name Part# Type
Single Dual 3Gbps HD SD SDI Cable Driver with Cable Detect Evaluation Board SD307EVK Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

Low Power 1:4 Distribution Amplifier for Serial Digital Interface Reference Design

The TIDA-00253 reference design is functionally an 1:4 SDI Distribution Amplifier with a USB interface to allow connection to a host computer and a graphical user interface (GUI) program which allows the configuration of the devices on the board to be changed as desired, and allows for SDI video eye (...)

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Software (2)

Analog LaunchPAD (ALP) Software  (ZIP 23060 KB )    02 Aug 2012  
SD303EVK / SD307EVK User Files  (ZIP 67 KB )    21 Feb 2012  

Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
SPICE-based analog simulation program TINA-TI Circuit Design & Simulation