SNLS577A April 2017  – October 2017 LMH0397


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  • User-Configurable Adaptive Cable Equalizer or Cable Driver With Integrated Reclocker
  • Supports ST-424 (3G), ST-292 (HD), and ST-259 (SD)
  • Compatible With DVB-ASI and AES10 (MADI)
  • Integrated Reclocker Locks to SMPTE Rates of 2.97 Gbps, 1.485 Gbps, or Divide-by-1.001 Subrates and 270 Mbps
  • On-Chip 75-Ω Termination and Return Loss Compensation Network
  • EQ (Equalizer) Mode:
    • Adaptive Cable Equalizer With Integrated Reclocker
    • 100-Ω Output Driver With De-Emphasis
    • Reclocked 75-Ω Loop-Through Output
    • EQ Mode Cable Reach
      (Belden 1694A, SDI_OUT Disabled):
      • 200 m at 2.97 Gbps
      • 300 m at 1.485 Gbps
      • 600 m at 270 Mbps
  • CD (Cable Driver) Mode:
    • Dual Differential Output Cable Drivers With Integrated Reclocker
    • Adaptive PCB Input Equalizer
    • Reclocked 100-Ω Loopback Output
  • Automatic Pre-Emphasis and Slew Rate Control on 75-Ω Outputs
  • Polarity Inversion on 75-Ω and 100-Ω Outputs
  • Automatic Power Save in Absence of Input Signal
    • Power Dissipation: 25 mW (Typical)
  • Power-Down Control Through ENABLE Pin
  • Single 2.5-V Supply
    • EQ Mode Power Dissipation: 275 mW (Typical)
    • CD Mode Power Dissipation: 290 mW (Typical)
  • Programmable Through Pins, SPI, or SMBus Interface
  • –40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • 5-mm × 5-mm, 32-Pin WQFN Package
  • Pin Compatible with the LMH1297 for Easy Upgrade to 12G-SDI


  • SMPTE-Compatible Serial Digital Interface (SDI)
  • Broadcast Video Routers, Switchers, Distribution Amplifiers, and Monitors
  • IP Media Gateway
  • Digital Video Processing and Editing


The LMH0397 is a 3G-SDI 75-Ω bidirectional I/O with integrated reclocker. This device can be configured either in input mode as an adaptive cable equalizer or in output mode as a dual cable driver, allowing system designers the flexibility to use a single BNC either as an input or output port to simplify HD-SDI video hardware designs. The integrated reclocker locks to all supported SMPTE data rates up to 2.97 Gbps in both modes. The bidirectional I/O has an on-chip 75-Ω termination and return loss compensation network that meets the stringent SMPTE return loss requirements.

An additional 75-Ω driver output allows the LMH0397 to support a variety of system functions. In EQ (Equalizer) Mode, this second 75-Ω driver can be used as a loop-through output. In Cable Driver (CD) Mode, this 75-Ω driver can be used as a second fan-out cable driver. The host-side 100-Ω driver can also be used as a loopback output in CD Mode for monitoring purposes.

Device Information(1)

LMH0397WQFN (32)5.00 mm × 5.00 mm
  1. For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the data sheet.

Simplified Block Diagram

LMH0397 front_page_block_diagram_lmh1297_snls545.gif

Revision History

Changes from * Revision (April 2017) to A Revision

  • Changed typical power consumption in CD Mode from 315 mW to 290 mW based on updated characterization data Go
  • Added package drawings to the Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information sectionGo