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High Speed Op Amp with Adjustable Bandwidth



The LMH6732 is a high speed op amp with a unique combination of high performance, low power consumption, and flexibility of application. The supply current is adjustable, over a continuous range of more than 10 to 1, with a single resistor, RP. This feature allows the device to be used in a wide variety of high performance applications including device turn on/ turn off (Enable/ Disable) for power saving or multiplexing. Typical performance at any supply current is exceptional. The LMH6732's design has been optimized so that the output is well behaved, eliminating spurious outputs on "Enable".

The LMH6732's combination of high performance, low power consumption, and large signal performance makes it ideal for a wide variety of remote site equipment applications such as battery powered test instrumentation and communications gear. Other applications include video switching matrices, ATE and phased array radar systems.

The LMH6732 is available in the SOIC and SOT-23 packages. To reduce design times and assist in board layout, the LMH6732 is supported by an evaluation board.


  • Exceptional Performance at Any Supply Current:
    VS = ±5V, TA = 25°C, AV = +2V/V, VOUT = 2VPP, Typical unless Noted:
  • Ultra High Speed (−3dB BW) 1.5GHz
    (ICC = 10mA, 0.25VPP)
  • Single Resistor Adjustability of Supply Current
  • Fast Enable/ Disable Capability 20ns
    (ICC = 9mA)
  • "Popless" Output on "Enable" 15mV
    (ICC = 1mA)
  • Ultra Low Disable Current <1μA
  • Unity Gain Stable
  • Improved Replacement for CLC505 & CLC449

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Part number Order Architecture Number of channels (#) Total supply voltage (Min) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10) Total supply voltage (Max) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10) GBW (Typ) (MHz) BW @ Acl (MHz) Acl, min spec gain (V/V) Slew rate (Typ) (V/us) Vn at flatband (Typ) (nV/rtHz) Vn at 1 kHz (Typ) (nV/rtHz) Iq per channel (Typ) (mA) Vos (offset voltage @ 25 C) (Max) (mV) Rail-to-rail Features Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) CMRR (Typ) (dB) Input bias current (Max) (pA) Offset drift (Typ) (uV/C) Output current (Typ) (mA) 2nd harmonic (dBc) 3rd harmonic (dBc) @ MHz
LMH6732 Order now Current FB     1     9     12     540     540     1     2700     2.5     2.5     9     8     No     Shutdown
Adjustable BW/IQ/IOUT
Integrated Multiplexer    
Catalog     -40 to 85     SOIC | 8
SOT-23 | 6    
8SOIC: 19 mm2: 3.91 x 4.9 (SOIC | 8)
6SOT-23: 5 mm2: 1.6 x 2.9 (SOT-23 | 6)    
52     11000000     16     115     60     64     20