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LMK00301 (ACTIVE) 3-GHz, 10-Output Differential Fanout Buffer / Level Translator



The LMK00301 is a 3-GHz, 10-output differential fanout buffer intended for high-frequency, low-jitter clock/data distribution and level translation. The input clock can be selected from two universal inputs or one crystal input. The selected input clock is distributed to two banks of 5 differential outputs and one LVCMOS output. Both differential output banks can be independently configured as LVPECL, LVDS, or HCSL drivers, or disabled. The LVCMOS output has a synchronous enable input for runt-pulse-free operation when enabled or disabled. The LMK00301 operates from a 3.3 V core supply and 3 independent 3.3 V/2.5 V output supplies.

The LMK00301 provides high performance, versatility, and power efficiency, making it ideal for replacing fixed-output buffer devices while increasing timing margin in the system.

The LMK00301A is nearly identical to the LMK00301, but does not have power supply sequencing requirements between the core and output supply domains.


  • 3:1 Input Multiplexer
    • Two Universal Inputs Operate up to 3.1 GHz and Accept LVPECL, LVDS, CML, SSTL, HSTL, HCSL, or Single-Ended Clocks
    • One Crystal Input Accepts 10 to 40 MHz Crystal or Single-Ended Clock
  • Two Banks With 5 Differential Outputs Each
    • LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, or Hi-Z (Selectable Per Bank)
    • LVPECL Additive Jitter with LMK03806 Clock Source at 156.25 MHz:
      • 20 fs RMS (10 kHz to 1 MHz)
      • 51 fs RMS (12 kHz to 20 MHz)
  • High PSRR: -65/-76 dBc (LVPECL/LVDS) at 156.25 MHz
  • LVCMOS Output with Synchronous Enable Input
  • Pin-Controlled Configuration
  • VCC Core Supply: 3.3 V ± 5%
  • 3 Independent VCCO Output Supplies: 3.3 V/2.5 V ± 5%
  • Industrial Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

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Design with LMK00301

Frequency Number of Outputs
Output Format


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Part number Order Additive RMS jitter (Typ) (fs) Output frequency (Max) (MHz) Number of outputs VCC core (V) VCC out (V) Operating temperature range (C)
LMK00301 Order now 51     3100     11       3.3
-40 to 85    
LMK00304 Order now 51     3100     5     3.3     3.3
-40 to 85    
LMK00306 Order now 51     3100     7       2.5
-40 to 85    
LMK00308 Order now 51     3100     9       2.5
-40 to 85