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LMK02002 (ACTIVE) Precision Clock Distributor with Integrated PLL

Precision Clock Distributor with Integrated PLL - LMK02002

Recommended alternative parts

  • LMK01000  -  Distribution, Divide, And Delay Only
  • LMK02000  -  Includes PLL For Use With External VCO/VCXO.
  • LMK03200  -  0-delay Outputs With PLL+VCO For Jitter Cleaning And Clock Generation


The LMK02002 precision clock conditioner combines the functions of jitter cleaning/reconditioning, multiplication, and distribution of a reference clock. The device integrates a high performance Integer-N Phase Locked Loop (PLL), and four LVPECL clock output distribution blocks.

Each clock distribution block includes a programmable divider, a phase synchronization circuit, a programmable delay, a clock output mux, and an LVPECL output buffer. This allows multiple integer-related and phase-adjusted copies of the reference to be distributed to eight system components.

The clock conditioner comes in a 48-pin LLP package and is footprint compatible with other clocking devices in the same family.


  • 20 fs additive jitter
  • Integrated Integer-N PLL with outstanding normalized phase noise contribution of -224 dBc/Hz
  • Clock output frequency range of 1 to 800 MHz
  • 4 LVPECL clock outputs
  • Dedicated divider and delay blocks on each clock output
  • Pin compatible family of clocking devices
  • 3.15 to 3.45 V operation
  • Package: 48 pin LLP (7.0 x 7.0 x 0.8 mm)

  • Target Applications

  • Data Converter Clocking
  • Networking, SONET/SDH, DSLAM
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Medical
  • Test and Measurement
  • Military / Aerospace

  • Design with LMK02002

    Recommend Input Frequency Output Frequencies
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    Part number Order Input level Number of outputs Output frequency (Max) (MHz) Output level Operating temperature range (C) Features VCC out (V) VCC core (V) Programmability
    LMK02002 Order now LVCMOS
    4     800     LVPECL     -40 to 85     Integrated Integer-N PLL     3.3     3.3     uWire    
    LMK02000 Samples not available LVCMOS
    8     800     LVDS     -40 to 85     Integrated Integer-N PLL     3.3     3.3     uWire