LMP91000 (ACTIVE) Configurable AFE Potentiostat for Low-Power Chemical Sensing Applications


Models (1)

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LMP91000 PSPICE Model PSpice Model ZIP 32 KB 16 Jan 2012 0 views

Design kits & evaluation modules (2)

Name Part# Type
LMP91000EVM Evaluation Module LMP91000EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
Sensor AFE Digital Controller Board SPIO-4 Evaluation Modules & Boards

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Single-Chip, Portable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor Reference Design With MSP430 MCUs

The Single-Chip Portable Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor reference design is a proof of concept design that showcases the capabilities of the MSP430FG6626 microcontroller (MCU). The CO monitor demonstrates the three different approaches towards constructing a CO monitor and reveals their advantages and (...)

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Software (2)

MSP430 Interface to LMP91000 and LMP91002 Code Library  (ZIP 51 KB )    13 Mar 2012  
LMP91000 Sensor AFE Software Download  (ZIP 27314 KB )    25 Jan 2012  

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