SIMPLE SWITCHER® 2.7V to 14V, 1.4A Step-Up Regulator in SOT-23 Package

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* Datasheet LMR62014 SIMPLE SWITCHER ® 20Vout, 1.4A Step-Up Voltage Regulator in SOT-23 datasheet (Rev. B) Apr. 04, 2013
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Application notes AN-2162 Simple Success With Conducted EMI From DC-DC Converters (Rev. C) Apr. 24, 2013
Application notes AN-1149 Layout Guidelines for Switching Power Supplies (Rev. C) Apr. 23, 2013
Application notes AN-1229 SIMPLE SWITCHER PCB Layout Guidelines (Rev. C) Apr. 23, 2013
Application notes AN-1520 A Guide to Board Layout for Best Thermal Resistance for Exposed Packages (Rev. B) Apr. 23, 2013
Application notes AN-1566 Techniques for Thermal Analysis of Switching Power Supply Designs (Rev. A) Apr. 23, 2013
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Application notes AN-2155 Layout Tips for EMI Reduction in DC/ DC Converters (Rev. A) Apr. 23, 2013
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