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Dual Output, Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Power Amplifier Controller



The LMV242 is a power amplifier (PA) controller intended for use within an RF transmit power control loop in GSM/GPRS mobile phones. The LMV242 supports all single-supply PA’s including InGaP, HBT and bipolar power amplifiers. The device operates with a single supply from 2.6V to 5.5V.

Included in the PA controller are an RF detector, a ramp filter and two selectable output drivers that function as error amplifiers for two different bands. The LMV242 input interface consists two analog and two digital inputs. The analog inputs are the RF input, Ramp voltage input. The digital inputs perform the function of “Band Select” and “Shutdown/Transmit Enable” respectively. The “Band Select” function enables either of two outputs, namely OUT1 when BS = High, or output OUT2 when BS = Low. The output that is not enabled is pulled low to the minimum output voltage. The LMV242 is active in the case TX_EN = High. When TX_EN = Low the device is in a low power consumption shutdown mode. During shutdown both outputs will be pulled low to the minimum output voltage. Individual PA characteristics are accommodated by a user selectable external RC combination.

The LMV242 is offered in fully tested die form as well as in a 10-lead WSON package and is therefore especially suitable for small footprint PA module solutions.


  • Support of InGaP HBT, Bipolar Technology
  • Quad-Band Operation
  • Shutdown Mode for Power Save in RX Slot
  • Integrated Ramp Filter
  • 50 dB RF Detector
  • GPRS Compliant
  • External Loop Compensation Option
  • Accurate Temperature Compensation
  • WSON Package 3x3 mm and Fully Tested Die Sales

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