4.5V to 15V, 6A Step-Down Power Module in 9x15x2.8mm QFN Package

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* Datasheet LMZ31506 6-A Power Module, 2.95V-14.5V Input and Current Sharing datasheet (Rev. B) Apr. 11, 2018
Application notes Soldering Considerations for Power Modules Nov. 26, 2018
Selection guides Innovative DC/DC Power Modules Selection Guide (Rev. C) Feb. 27, 2018
Application notes Soldering Requirements for BQFN Packages (Rev. B) Jun. 08, 2017
Application notes Working With QFN Power Modules (Rev. A) Jun. 08, 2017
Selection guides TI Components for Aerospace and Defense Guide (Rev. E) Mar. 22, 2017
Selection guides SIMPLE SWITCHER Overview Brochure (Rev. B) Mar. 18, 2016
Application notes Adjusting LMZ3 Output Voltage with LM10010/1 Feb. 11, 2014
Application notes LMZ31506 Parallel Operation Jul. 02, 2013
Application notes Powering LMZ3 SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Modules From 3.3 V Jul. 02, 2013
User guides Using the LMZ31506EVM, LMZ31503EVM, LMZ31506HEVM Jul. 02, 2013