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500mA Low Dropout CMOS Linear Regulators Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitors


Models (2)

Title Category Type Date
LP38691_3P3 Unencrypted PSpice Transient Model PSpice Model ZIP 27 Jul 2015
LP38691_3P3 PSpice Transient Model PSpice Model ZIP 28 Mar 2014

Reference designs

Protected DC-bus input power and control power supply reference design for low-voltage servo drives

This reference design uses an ORing controller, the LM5050-1 to provide protection against reverse polarity and reverse current. In conjunction, the LM5069 hot swap controller is used for overcurrent, over voltage, under voltage protection, and inrush current limitation. The design also features (...)

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WEBENCH® Designer LP38691

  Min   Max Range
Vin  V 2.75 to 10.0V
Vout  V 1.8 to 5V
Iout  A ≤ 0.5A
Ambient Temp  °C -40 to 125°C