Micropower 800mA Low Noise 'Ceramic Stable' Adjustable Voltage Regulator for 1V to 5V App.

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* Datasheet LP3878-ADJ Micropower 800-mA Low-Noise "Ceramic Stable" Adjustable Voltage Regulator for 1-V to 5-V Applications datasheet (Rev. D) Feb. 09, 2015
Application notes A Topical Index of TI LDO Application Notes (Rev. F) Jun. 27, 2019
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Technical articles How LILO LDOs increase system efficiency Aug. 20, 2018
Selection guides Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) Jun. 25, 2018
Selection guides Low Dropout Regulators Quick Reference Guide (Rev. P) Mar. 21, 2018
User guides AN-1409 LP3878-ADJ Evaluation Board (Rev. D) Jun. 02, 2013
Application notes AN-2145 Power Considerations for SDI Products (Rev. B) Apr. 26, 2013
Application notes AN-2146 Power Design for SDI and Other Noise-Sensitive Devices (Rev. A) Apr. 26, 2013
Application notes AN-1950 Silently Powering Low Noise Applications (Rev. A) Apr. 22, 2013
Software High-IF Sub-sampling Receiver Subsystem CAD Files Jan. 27, 2012
User guides High-IF Sub-sampling Receiver Subsystem User Guide Jan. 27, 2012
User guides SP16130CH4RB Low IF Receiver Reference Design User Guide Jan. 27, 2012
Software SP16130CH4RB: Low IF Receiver Reference Design CAD Files Jan. 27, 2012
White papers Using Power to Improve Signal-Path Performance Aug. 01, 2006