24-channel I2C constant-current RGB LED driver

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* Datasheet LP50xx 18-, 24-Channel, 12-Bit, PWM Ultralow-Quiescent-Current, I2C RGB LED Drivers datasheet (Rev. B) Oct. 24, 2018
Application notes How to Select a RGB LED Driver Aug. 08, 2019
White papers Smart speaker fundamentals: Weighing the many design trade-offs Feb. 25, 2019
White papers 智慧型喇叭基本說明: 衡量各種設計優缺點 Feb. 08, 2019
White papers 스마트 스피커 기본 사항: 설계 장단점 따져 보기 Feb. 08, 2019
Technical articles Using an RGBW LED driver to elevate LED human-machine interface designs Nov. 27, 2018
Software LP50EVM GUI (Rev. A) Sep. 07, 2018
User guides LP5024EVM User's Guide Mar. 14, 2018
Technical articles Here's how body electronics and lighting technology are changing the driving experience Sep. 26, 2016
Technical articles LED brightness adjustment: high-frequency PWM dimming Aug. 26, 2016
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