25 MHz MCU with 64KB FLASH, 10KB SRAM, 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADC, Dual DAC, DMA, 2 OpAmp, 160 Seg LCD

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* Datasheet MSP430FG662x, MSP430FG642x Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers datasheet (Rev. A) Sep. 26, 2018
* Errata MSP430FG6625 Device Erratasheet (Rev. N) Apr. 24, 2019
* User guides MSP430x5xx and MSP430x6xx Family User's Guide (Rev. Q) Aug. 17, 2018
Application notes MSP430 System ESD Troubleshooting Guide Dec. 13, 2019
Application notes ESD Diode Current Specification (Rev. A) Jul. 10, 2019
Application notes Starting a USB Design Using MSP430 MCUs (Rev. B) Oct. 19, 2018
Application notes Mixing C and Assembler With MSP430™ MCUs (Rev. A) Aug. 07, 2018
Software MSP430FG662x, MSP430FG642x Code Examples (Rev. C) Jan. 09, 2018
Selection guides MSP Low-Power Microcontrollers (Rev. AD) Mar. 23, 2016
Technical articles Don’t miss out on the top training videos of 2015 Dec. 16, 2015
Application notes Designing With MSP430™ MCUs and Segment LCDs (Rev. A) Jul. 20, 2015
Technical articles How fast is your 32-bit MCU? Jul. 15, 2015
Application notes Using the MSP430 RTC_B Module With Battery Backup Supply (Rev. B) Jun. 04, 2015
Technical articles Lose power, not data with new FRAM microcontrollers May 20, 2015
Technical articles Easily increase functionality in motor drive applications May 19, 2015
Application notes USB Field Firmware Updates on MSP430 MCUs (Rev. C) Nov. 12, 2014