16 MHz MCU with 256KB FRAM, 8KB SRAM, LEA, AES, 12-bit ADC , Comparator, DMA, UART/SPI/I2C, Timer

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* Datasheet MSP430FR599x, MSP430FR596x Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers datasheet (Rev. C) Aug. 31, 2018
* Errata MSP430FR5994 Device Erratasheet (Rev. M) Jan. 22, 2019
* User guides MSP430FR58xx, MSP430FR59xx, and MSP430FR6xx Family User's Guide (Rev. O) Dec. 15, 2017
Application notes MSP430 System-Level ESD Considerations (Rev. A) Jan. 13, 2020
Application notes MSP430 System ESD Troubleshooting Guide Dec. 13, 2019
Application notes MSP430FRBoot – Main Memory Bootloader and Over-the-Air Updates for MSP430 FRAM (Rev. C) Nov. 07, 2019
Application notes ESD Diode Current Specification (Rev. A) Jul. 10, 2019
More literature Building your application with security in mind (Rev. D) Jun. 11, 2019
Application notes Migration from MSP430 FR58xx, FR59xx, and FR6xx to FR4xx and FR2xx (Rev. A) Mar. 26, 2019
More literature Building your application with security in mind (Rev. C) Nov. 16, 2018
More literature Building your application with security in mind (Rev. B) Aug. 21, 2018
Software MSP430FR599x, MSP430FR596x Code Examples (Rev. D) Jan. 09, 2018
Technical articles Visualizing the performance of the low-energy accelerator Oct. 16, 2017
Technical articles Smart sensing with ultra-low-power MCUs – part 6: ultrasonic chirp sonar Jul. 26, 2017
Technical articles How to create your own low-power telemetry logger for a drone Jul. 25, 2017
Technical articles Protecting your software investment Jul. 19, 2017
White papers Cities grow smarter through innovative semiconductor technologies Jul. 07, 2017
Application notes Random Number Generation Using MSP430FR59xx and MSP430FR69xx Microcontrollers Jan. 18, 2017
Application notes Migrating From MSP430F4xx Family to MSP430FR58xx/FR59xx/FR68xx/FR69xx Family (Rev. B) Nov. 03, 2016
Application notes Migrating from the MSP430F2xx,G2xx Family to the MSP430FR58xx/FR59xx/68xx/69xx (Rev. E) Nov. 03, 2016
Application notes Migrating from the MSP430F5xx,F6xx Family to the MSP430FR58xx/FR59xx/68xx Family (Rev. D) Nov. 03, 2016
Application notes Benchmarking the Signal Processing Capabilities of the Low-Energy Accelerator (Rev. B) Nov. 01, 2016
Application notes Low-Energy Accelerator (LEA) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Nov. 01, 2016
White papers Setting a new standard for MCU performance while minimizing energy consumption Sep. 30, 2016
White papers Smart Fault Indicator with MSP430 FRAM Microcontrollers Sep. 26, 2016
Application notes General Oversampling of MSP ADCs for Higher Resolution (Rev. A) Apr. 01, 2016
Application notes Designing With the MSP430FR58xx, FR59xx, FR68xx, and FR69xx ADC (Rev. A) Mar. 30, 2016
Application notes MSP Code Protection Features Dec. 07, 2015
Application notes MSP430 FRAM Technology – How To and Best Practices Jun. 23, 2014
Application notes MSP430 Advanced Power Optimizations: ULP Advisor SW and EnergyTrace Technology Jun. 09, 2014
Application notes MSP430 FRAM Quality and Reliability (Rev. A) May 01, 2014