Ultrasonic Sensing MCU with 64KB FRAM, 12KB RAM, LCD for gas and water metering applications

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* Datasheet MSP430FR604x, MSP430FR504x ultrasonic sensing MSP430™ microcontrollers for gas and water flow metering applications datasheet Jan. 18, 2019
* Errata MSP430FR6043 Device Erratasheet Jan. 21, 2019
* User guides MSP430FR58xx, MSP430FR59xx, and MSP430FR6xx Family User's Guide (Rev. O) Dec. 15, 2017
Application notes MSP430 System-Level ESD Considerations (Rev. A) Jan. 13, 2020
Application notes MSP430 System ESD Troubleshooting Guide Dec. 13, 2019
User guides MSP430 FRAM Devices Bootloader (BSL) User's Guide (Rev. X) Oct. 18, 2019
More literature Smart Flow Meters using MSP430™ Ultrasonic Sensing Microcontrollers Oct. 17, 2019
User guides Water Flow Meter Quick Start Guide Sep. 24, 2019
Technical articles New metering technology helps make every drop count Jun. 25, 2019
Application notes Waveform capture based ultrasonic sensing water flow metering technology Mar. 04, 2019
Technical articles Expanding the ultrasonic sensing solution (USS) library to support our new line of ultra-low-power ultrasonic gas and water flow metering devices Feb. 20, 2019
Application notes FAQ on ultrasonic sensing technology for flow metering with MSP430FR604x MCUs (Rev. A) Jan. 30, 2019
More literature MSP430FR6043-based ultrasonic gas flow meter quick start guide (Rev. B) Jan. 24, 2019
User guides EVM430-FR6043 hardware guide Jan. 24, 2019
White papers Ultrasonic sensing of gas flow white paper Jan. 24, 2019
Software MSP430FR6043, MSP430FR6041, MSP430FR5043, MSP430FR5041 code examples (Rev. A) Jan. 09, 2018
White papers Matched-Filter Ultrasonic Sensing: Theory and Implementation Dec. 15, 2017
Technical articles Don’t miss out on the top training videos of 2015 Dec. 16, 2015
Technical articles How fast is your 32-bit MCU? Jul. 15, 2015