SimpleLink™ ethernet microcontroller

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* Datasheet MSP432E401Y SimpleLink™ Ethernet Microcontroller datasheet Oct. 26, 2017
* Errata MSP432E4 SimpleLink™ Microcontrollers Silicon Errata Oct. 26, 2017
* User guides MSP432E4 SimpleLink™ Microcontrollers Technical Reference Manual (Rev. A) Oct. 25, 2018
Design files Altium MMWAVEPOEEVM EVM Design Files May 10, 2019
Design files MMWAVEPOEEVM EVM Schematic Drawing, Assembly Drawing, and Bill of Materials May 10, 2019
More literature Understanding Security Features for SimpleLink™ MSP432E4 Ethernet MCUs (Rev. A) Jan. 31, 2019
Application notes Using SimpleLink™ MSP432E4 microcontrollers over the JTAG interface (Rev. A) Jan. 11, 2019
User guides SimpleLink™ Ethernet MSP432E401Y MCU LaunchPad™ Development Kit User's Guide (Rev. B) Sep. 11, 2018
Technical articles An out-of-the-box Internet of Things: building a seamless and secure smart home network Jun. 12, 2018
Technical articles Boost your SimpleLink MCU development with the Open On-Chip Debugger Apr. 11, 2018
White papers Reducing the cost, power and size of connectivity in industrial gateway designs Mar. 28, 2018
Third party documents uVision Lab for the TI MSP432E4 LaunchPad Board Dec. 28, 2017
Technical articles Merging wired and wireless connectivity to build an intelligent gateway to the cloud Nov. 28, 2017
User guides MSP432E4 SimpleLink™ Microcontrollers Bootloader (BSL) User's Guide (Rev. A) Nov. 16, 2017
Design files MSP432E401Y 128-TQFP (PDT) CAD File (.bxl) (Rev. A) Nov. 13, 2017
Application notes System Design Guidelines for SimpleLink™ MSP432E4 Microcontrollers Oct. 31, 2017
Application notes Using Feature Set of I2C Master on SimpleLink MSP432E4 Microcontrollers Oct. 27, 2017
White papers Building a gateway from the sensors to the cloud Oct. 26, 2017
Technical articles Step 5 to build a smart thermostat using an MCU – adding network connectivity Jun. 16, 2017