Applications Processor

Applications Processor - OMAP3530

Software (7)

Name Part# Type
DEMO - OMAP35x Application Example & Demo Code DEMOAPP-OMAP35X Application Software & Frameworks
TI GStreamer DMAI Plug-In for DaVinci and OMAP Processors GSTREAMER Application Software & Frameworks
DSP/BIOS Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) DSPBIOS Operating Systems (OS/RTOS)
CODECS - Optimized for OMAP35x Processors OMAP35XCODECS Software Codecs
CODECS - Video and Speech- C64x+-based Devices (OMAP35x, C645x, C647x, DM646, DM644x, DM643x) C64XPLUSCODECS Software Codecs
Android Development Kit for Sitara Microprocessors ANDROIDSDK-SITARA Software Development Kits (SDK)
Cryptography for TI Devices CRYPTO Software Libraries

Development tools (4)

Name Part# Type
Pin Mux Tool PINMUXTOOL Calculation Tools
Power Estimation Tool (PET) POWEREST Calculation Tools
XDS110 JTAG Debug Probe TMDSEMU110-U Debug Probes/Analyzers
FlashTool for AM35x, AM37x, DM37x and OMAP35x Devices FLASHTOOL Flash Programming Tools

Models (6)

Title Category Type Size (KB) Date Views
OMAP3530/25 CUS BSDL Model (Rev. B) BSDL Model ZIP 10 KB 26 Jan 2010 13 views
OMAP3530/25 CBC BSDL Model (Rev. A) BSDL Model ZIP 10 KB 26 Jan 2010 13 views
OMAP3530/25 CBB BSDL Model (Rev. C) BSDL Model ZIP 11 KB 26 Jan 2010 13 views
OMAP3530/25 CUS IBIS Model (Rev. B) IBIS Model (Multiple Files) 26 Jan 2010 9 views
OMAP3530/25 CBC IBIS Model (Rev. A) IBIS Model (Multiple Files) 26 Jan 2010 7 views
OMAP3530/25 CBB IBIS Model (Rev. A) IBIS Model (Multiple Files) 26 Jan 2010 11 views

TI design network (10)

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Name Company Headquarters Location Type
Flashboard 2 Precision Technology, Inc. United States Development Kits
BeagleBoard Foundation United States Evaluation Modules & Boards
SEED-OMAP3530 Beijing Arrow SEED Technology Co.,Ltd. China Evaluation Modules & Boards
TAO-3530 TechNexion Ltd. Taiwan Evaluation Modules & Boards
e-CAM51_44x - 5MP MIPI Camera board for TI's OMAP 4 Processors e-con Systems India Pvt. Ltd. India Evaluation Modules & Boards
INTEGRITY Green Hills Software United States Operating Systems (OS/RTOS)
Nucleus® RTOS Mentor Graphics Corporation United States Operating Systems (OS/RTOS)
QNX Neutrino RTOS QNX Software Systems Canada Operating Systems (OS/RTOS)
RidgeRun EVM Licensed Linux SDK RidgeRun, LLC United States Operating Systems (OS/RTOS)
LinuxLink - Embedded Linux Software Development Solution Timesys United States Operating Systems (OS/RTOS)