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ONET2804TLP 28 Gbps Low-Power 4-Channel Limiting TIA with RSSI



The ONET2804TLP device is a high-gain, limiting transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for parallel optical interconnects with data rates up to 28 Gbps. The device is used in conjunction with a 750-µm pitch photodiode array to convert an optical signal into a differential output voltage. An internal circuit provides the photodiode reverse bias voltage and senses the average photocurrent supplied to each photodiode.

The device can be used with pin control or a two-wire serial interface to allow control of the output amplitude, gain, bandwidth, and input threshold.

The ONET2804TLP provides 17.5-GHz bandwidth, a gain of 7.5 kΩ, an input-referred noise of 2 µArms, and a received signal strength indicator (RSSI) for each channel. 40-dB isolation between channels results in low crosstalk penalty in the receiver.

The device requires a single 2.8-V to 3.3-V supply and typically dissipates 90 mW per channel with a differential output amplitude of 300 mVPP. The device is characterized for operation from –40°C to +100°C and is available in die form with a 750-µm channel pitch.


  • 4-Channel Multi-Rate Operation: Up to 28 Gbps
  • Dissipation at a 3-V Supply: 90 mW per Channel
  • Differential Transimpedance: 7.5 kΩ
  • Bandwidth: 17.5 GHz
  • Input-Referred Noise: 2 µArms
  • Input Overload Current: 3.2 mAPP
  • Programmable Output Voltage
  • Adjustable Gain and Bandwidth
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) for Each Channel
  • Isolation Between Channels (Die Only): 40 dB
  • Single Supply: 2.8 V to 3.3 V
  • Pad Control or 2-Wire Control
  • On-Chip Filter Capacitors
  • –40°C to +100°C Operation
  • Die Size: 3250 µm × 1450 µm, 750-µm Channel Pitch

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Data rate (Max) (Gbps)
DJ (Typ) (ps)
ICC (Nom) (mA)
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2     2    
3.3     3.3    
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