Zero-drift (5µV, 0.007µV/C˚), MUX-friendly, 14MHz, low-noise, RRO, CMOS precision op amp (dual)

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* Datasheet OPAx189 Precision, Lowest-Noise 36-V, Zero-Drift, 14-MHz MUX-Friendly, Rail-to-Rail Output, Operational Amplifiers datasheet (Rev. E) May 21, 2019
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Software Simulation for Instrumentation Amplifier with ±10 Volt Common Mode Range in AN-3 Mar. 01, 2019
Application notes MUX-friendly precision operational amplifiers (Rev. A) Feb. 11, 2019
Application notes Green-Williams-Lis: Improved Op Amp Spice Model Jan. 28, 2019
Application notes Multichannel Analog Input Modules for PLC Equipment Jan. 04, 2019
Application notes Maximize Weigh Scale Accuracy With EMI-Hardened Amplifiers Sep. 27, 2018
Application notes How to Properly Configure Unused Operational Amplifiers (Rev. A) Sep. 21, 2018
Application notes Zero-drift Amplifiers: Features and Benefits (Rev. B) Aug. 31, 2018
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Application notes How to Select Amplifiers for Pressure Transmitter Applications Oct. 27, 2017
Application notes Offset Correction Methods: Laser Trim, e-Trim, and Chopper (Rev. A) Jul. 20, 2017
Application notes Compensate Transimpedance Amplifiers Intuitively (Rev. A) Mar. 30, 2005
Application notes Op Amp Performance Analysis Oct. 02, 2000
Application notes Single-Supply Operation of Operational Amplifiers Oct. 02, 2000
Application notes Tuning in Amplifiers Oct. 02, 2000