Wideband, Low Noise, Voltage Feedback Operational Amplifier, OPA846-DIE



The OPA846-DIE combines very-high-gain bandwidth and large signal performance with very-low-input voltage noise, while dissipating a low-supply current. The classical differential input stage, along with two stages of forward gain and a high-power output stage, combine to make the OPA846-DIE an exceptionally low-distortion amplifier with excellent DC accuracy and output drive. The voltage-feedback architecture allows all standard op amp applications to be implemented with very high performance.

The combination of low-input voltage and current noise, along with gain bandwidth, make the OPA846 an ideal amplifier for wideband transimpedance stages.

A new external compensation technique can be used to give a very flat frequency response below the minimum stable gain for the OPA846-DIE, further improving its already exceptional distortion performance.


  • High Bandwidth
  • Low-Input Voltage Noise
  • Very Low Distortion
  • High-Slew Rate
  • High DC Accuracy
  • Low-Supply Current
  • High-Gain Bandwidth Product

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