5.5 GHz Gain Bandwidth Product, Decompensated Transimpedance Amplifier with FET Input

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* Datasheet OPA858 5.5-GHz Gain Bandwidth Product, Gain of 7 V/V Stable, FET Input Amplifier datasheet (Rev. A) Jul. 30, 2018
Application notes Time of Flight and LIDAR - Optical Front End Design Feb. 04, 2020
Application notes Maximizing the dynamic range of analog fronts ends having a transimpedance amp Jun. 14, 2019
Application notes Easily improve the performance of analog circuits with decompensated amplifiers (Rev. A) May 21, 2019
Application notes Transimpedance amplifier circuit. (Rev. A) Feb. 01, 2019
White papers An Introduction to Automotive LIDAR Oct. 22, 2018
User guides DEM-OPA-WSON8-EVM User's Guide Sep. 07, 2018
User guides OPA858 Op Amp EVM User's Guide Oct. 02, 2017
Technical articles What you need to know about transimpedance amplifiers – part 2 Sep. 01, 2016
Technical articles What you need to know about transimpedance amplifiers – part 1 May 06, 2016
Technical articles SPICE it up: How to extract the input capacitance of an op amp (part 3) Mar. 21, 2016
Application notes AN-1604 Decompensated Operational Amplifiers (Rev. B) May 01, 2013
Application notes AN-1803 Design Considerations for a Transimpedance Amplifier (Rev. A) May 01, 2013
Application notes Transimpedance Considerations for High-Speed Operational Amplifiers Nov. 22, 2009
Application notes Compensate Transimpedance Amplifiers Intuitively (Rev. A) Mar. 30, 2005
Application notes Using a decompensated op amp for improved performance Mar. 11, 2005
Application notes Noise Analysis for High Speed Op Amps (Rev. A) Jan. 17, 2005