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4.2-VRMS DirectPath™, 32-bit, 384-kHz, 114-dB Audio Stereo DAC


Models (1)

Title Category Type Date
PCM5242 IBIS model IBIS Model ZIP 18 Sep 2014

Design kits & evaluation modules (1)

Name Part# Type
PCM5242 4.2VRMS DirectPath™ 114dB Audio Stereo Differential-Output DAC Evaluation Module PCM5242RHBEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

High Fidelity 175W Class-D Audio Amplifier with Digital Inputs and Processing Reference Design

This design turns the extremely high performance analog input TPA3251 Class-D amplifier into a digital input system with audio processing using the highly versatile PCM5242 differential output DAC. Now the full performance of TPA3251 amplifier can be realized with a variety of digital input sources (...)

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