PGA309 Voltage Output Programmable Sensor Conditioner


Design kits & evaluation modules (3)

Name Part# Type
Multi-Cal-System Basic Starter Kit MULTI-CAL-SYSTEM Evaluation Modules & Boards
PGA309 Evaluation Module PGA309EVM-USB Evaluation Modules & Boards
SensorEmulatorEVM Evaluation Module SENSOREMULATOREVM Evaluation Modules & Boards

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Bridge Sensor Signal Conditioner with Current Loop Output, EMC Protection

This bridge sensor conditioner module delivers a well-regulated current output to a ground-referenced load. The first stage uses a mixed-signal programmable gain amplifier (PGA) to provide linearization and temperature compensation to a differential bridge sensor voltage. The second stage converts (...)

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Software (5)

Multi-Cal-PGA309 System Software (Rev. A)  (ZIP 257852 KB )    30 Aug 2011  
PGA309EVM-USB Source Code (Rev. A)  (ZIP 5216 KB )    19 Apr 2011  
PGA309EVM-USB Software (Rev. C)  (ZIP 110347 KB )    19 Apr 2011  
PGA309 Calculator Source Code  (ZIP 130 KB )    18 Jul 2006  
PGA309 Gain Calculator (Rev. D)  (ZIP 2463 KB )    19 Apr 2005  

Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
SPICE-based analog simulation program TINA-TI Circuit Design & Simulation