SN75ALS160 Octal General-Purpose Interface Bus Transceiver |

SN75ALS160 (ACTIVE) Octal General-Purpose Interface Bus Transceiver

Octal General-Purpose Interface Bus Transceiver - SN75ALS160


The SN75ALS160 eight-channel general-purpose interface bus transceivers are monolithic, high-speed, advanced low-power Schottky (ALS) devices designed for two-way data communications over single-ended transmission lines. This device is designed to meet the requirements of IEEE Standard 488-1978. The transceivers feature driver outputs that can be operated in either the passive-pullup or 3-state mode. If talk enable (TE) is high, these ports have the characteristics of passive-pullup outputs when pullup enable (PE) is low and of 3-state outputs when PE is high. Taking TE low places these ports in the high-impedance state. The driver outputs are designed to handle loads up to 48 mA of sink current.

An active turn-off feature has been incorporated into the bus-terminating resistors so that the device exhibits a high impedance to the bus when VCC = 0. When combined with the SN75ALS161 or SN75ALS162 bus management transceiver, the pair provides the complete 16-wire interface for the IEEE-488 bus.

The SN75ALS160 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.


  • Suitable for IEEE Standard 488-1978 (GPIB)
  • 8-Channel Bidirectional Transceivers
  • High-Speed Advanced Low-Power Schottky (ALS) Circuitry
  • Low Power Dissipation . . . 46 mW Max Per Channel
  • Fast Propagation Times . . . 20 ns Max
  • High-Impedance pnp Inputs
  • Receiver Hysteresis . . . 650 mV Typ
  • Open-Collector Driver Output Option
  • No Loading of Bus When Device Is Powered Down (VCC = 0)
  • Power-Up/Power-Down Protection (Glitch Free)


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Part number Order Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
SN75ALS160 Order now 0 to 70     PDIP | 20
SOIC | 20    
20PDIP: 229 mm2: 9.4 x 24.33 (PDIP | 20)
20SOIC: 132 mm2: 10.3 x 12.8 (SOIC | 20)    
SN75ALS162 Samples not available 0 to 70     SOIC | 24     24SOIC: 160 mm2: 10.3 x 15.5 (SOIC | 24)