SN75C188 Quadruple Low-Power Line Driver |

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Quadruple Low-Power Line Driver

Quadruple Low-Power Line Driver - SN75C188


The SN75C188 is a monolithic, low-power, quadruple line driver that interfaces data terminal equipment with data communications equipment. This device is designed to conform to ANSI Standard EIA/TIA-232-E.

An external diode in series with each supply-voltage terminal is needed to protect the SN75C188 under certain fault conditions to comply with EIA/TIA-232-E.

The SN75C188 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.

H = high level, L = low level,
X = don't care


  • Bi-MOS Technology With TTL and CMOS Compatibility
  • Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI EIA/TIA-232-E and ITU Recommendation V.28
  • Very Low Quiescent Current...95 uA Typ VCC± = ±12 V
  • Current-Limited Outputs...10 mA Typ
  • CMOS-and TTL-Compatible Inputs
  • On-Chip Slew Rate Limited to 30 V/us max
  • Flexible Supply Voltage Range
  • Characterized at VCC± of ±4.5 V and ±15 V
  • Functionally Interchangeable With Texas Instruments SN75188, Motorola MC1488, and National Semiconductor DS14C88


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Part number Order Drivers per package Receivers per package Logic voltage (Min) (V) Data rate (Max) (kbps) Main supply voltage (Nom) (V) ESD HBM (kV) Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group
SN75C188 Order now 4     0     12     300     12     2     Catalog     0 to 70     PDIP | 14
SOIC | 14
SO | 14
SSOP | 14    
SN75C189 Samples not available 0     4     5     1000     5     0     Catalog     0 to 70     PDIP | 14
SOIC | 14
SO | 14