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This product has been released to the market and is available for purchase. For some products, newer alternatives may be available.
100-W Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage Controller


Recommended alternative parts

  • TAS5612LA  -  125W Stereo / 250W Mono PurePath™ HD Digital-Input Power Stage
  • TPA3245  -  115W Stereo / 230W Mono PurePath™ Ultra-HD, Analog-In Class-D Amplifier
  • TPA3250  -  130W Peak Stereo PurePath™ Ultra-HD, Analog-In, Pad-Down Class-D Amplifier


The TAS5182 device is a high-performance, stereo digital amplifier power stage controller. It is designed to drive two discrete bridge-tied-load (BTL) MOSFET output stage at up to 100 W per channel at 6 . The TAS5182 device, incorporating TI’s PurePath™ technology, is used in conjunction with a digital audio PWM processor (TAS50XX) and two discrete MOSFET H-bridges (4 MOSFETs per H-Bridge) to deliver high-power, true digital audio amplification. The efficiency of this digital amplifier can be greater than 95%, reducing the size of both the power supplies and heat sinks needed. The TAS5182 device accepts a stereo PWM 3.3-V input, and it controls the switching of the discrete H-bridges.

Overcurrent, overtemperature, and undervoltage protections are built into the TAS5182 device, safeguarding the H-bridge and speakers against output short-circuit conditions, overtemperature conditions, and other fault conditions that could damage the system.


  • Stereo H-Bridge Driver
  • Efficiency > 95%
  • 2x100W (RMS) at 6
  • THD+N < 0.15% (Typical at 100 W at 6
  • Half-Bridge Independent Control
  • Glueless Interface to TAS50XX Digital Audio PWM Processors
  • 3.3-V Digital Interface
  • Fault Detection
    • Overcurrent
    • Overtemperature
    • Undervoltage Protection for External MOSFETs
  • Low Profile 56-Terminal TSSOP SMD Package
    • AV Receivers
    • High Power DVD Receivers
    • Power Amplifiers
    • Home Theater
    • Subwoofer Driver

When using appropriate MOSFETs.
When using recommended design.
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