12-Bit, 125-MSPS Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

12-Bit, 125-MSPS Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) - THS5661A


The THS5661A is a 12-bit resolution digital-to-analog converter (DAC) specifically optimized for digital data transmission in wired and wireless communication systems. The 12-bit DAC is a member of the CommsDAC series of high-speed, low-power CMOS digital-to-analog converters. The CommsDAC family consists of pin compatible 14-, 12-, 10-, and 8-bit DACs. All devices offer identical interface options, small outline package, and pinout. The THS5661A offers superior ac and dc performance while supporting update rates up to 125 MSPS.

The THS5661A operates from an analog and digital supply of 3 V to 5.5 V. Its inherent low power dissipation of 175 mW ensures that the device is well-suited for portable and low-power applications. Lowering the full-scale current output reduces the power dissipation without significantly degrading performance. The device features a SLEEP mode, which reduces the standby power to approximately 25 mW, thereby optimizing the power consumption for system needs.

The THS5661A is manufactured in Texas Instruments advanced high-speed mixed-signal CMOS process. A current-source-array architecture combined with simultaneous switching shows excellent dynamic performance. On-chip edge-triggered input latches and a 1.2 V temperature-compensated bandgap reference provide a complete monolithic DAC solution. The digital supply range of 3 V to 5.5 V supports 3 V and 5 V CMOS logic families. Minimum data input setup and hold times allow for easy interfacing with external logic. The THS5661A supports both a straight binary and twos complement input word format, enabling flexible interfacing with digital signal processors.

The THS5661A provides a nominal full-scale differential output current of 20 mA and < 300 k output impedance, supporting both single-ended and differential applications. The output current can be directly fed to the load (e.g., external resistor load or transformer), with no additional external output buffer required. An accurate on-chip reference and control amplifier allows the user to adjust this output current from 20 mA down to 2 mA, with no significant degradation of performance. This reduces power consumption and provides 20 dB gain range control capabilities. Alternatively, an external reference voltage and control amplifier may be applied in applications using a multiplying DAC. The output voltage compliance range is 1.25 V.

The THS5661A is available in both a 28-pin SOIC and TSSOP package. The device is characterized for operation over the industrial temperature range of –40°C to 85°C.


  • Member of the Pin-Compatible CommsDAC™ Product Family
  • 125 MSPS Update Rate
  • 12-Bit Resolution
  • Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) to Nyquist at 40 MHz Output: 60 dBc
  • 1 ns Setup/Hold Time
  • Differential Scalable Current Outputs: 2 mA to 20 mA
  • On-Chip 1.2 V Reference
  • 3 V and 5 V CMOS-Compatible Digital Interface
  • Straight Binary or Twos Complement Input
  • Power Dissipation: 175 mW at 5 V, Sleep Mode: 25 mW at 5 V
  • Package: 28-Pin SOIC and TSSOP

CommsDAC is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

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Sample / Update Rate (MSPS)
DAC Channels
Power Consumption (Typ) (mW)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
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THS5661A THS5641A THS5651A THS5671A
12    8    10    14   
125    100    125    125   
1    1    1    1   
Parallel CMOS    Parallel CMOS    Parallel CMOS    Parallel CMOS   
59    55    61    66   
175    100    175    175   
-40 to 85    -40 to 85    -40 to 85    -40 to 85   
28SOIC: 184 mm2: 10.3 x 17.9(SOIC)
28TSSOP: 62 mm2: 6.4 x 9.7(TSSOP)   
28SOIC: 184 mm2: 10.3 x 17.9(SOIC)
28TSSOP: 62 mm2: 6.4 x 9.7(TSSOP)   
28SOIC: 184 mm2: 10.3 x 17.9(SOIC)
28TSSOP: 62 mm2: 6.4 x 9.7(TSSOP)   
28SOIC: 184 mm2: 10.3 x 17.9(SOIC)
28TSSOP: 62 mm2: 6.4 x 9.7(TSSOP)   
Catalog    Catalog    Catalog    Catalog   
1x    1x    1x    1x   
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